โอปอ (นักศึกษามหิดลอินเตอร์ MUIC)

OpalI recently graduated high school from New Zealand. After I came back to Thailand, I wanted to start my new university life at MUIC. However, sadly I failed the MUIC entrance exam on my first attempt. Fortunately, I consulted Kru Ging at UpGrade about my failure, and she organised both private and group classes.

To prepare for the next entrance exam, I studied Math and Essay writing, which were taught by experienced professors. Because of their professional teaching skills and experience, they understood what my problems were and always advised me on specific ways to improve on the homework they’d given me. Without a doubt, I would frankly have to say that without the help of UpGrade, I would not have passed directly into the college on my second attempt after failing the first time. Everyone at UpGrade always paid personal attention to my progress and asked me about how I was doing. I’d like to thank all the professors, Kru Ging, and the kind staff who helped me to start my university life 🙂 I would recommend this school for anyone who really wants to get into MUIC or any other international university.

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